October 09, 2017 12:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We are in the final stretches of our 2017 season. Remaining events are

  • the October tournament & social, coming up this weekend
  • the November tournament & social on November 4 with a final open play on November 11
  • the holiday party in January


Interest in the October Fixed Mixed tournament has been unusually light this year.  We are changing the format to Mixed Scramble so, if you like that format better, please register ASAP!  For those that have already signed up with a partner, your first match will be with your partner and, after that, your partner will change.  The deadline to register is still Tuesday as we need time to do the draw and send out court assignments.


The social is at the Jordans’ newly remodeled home.  Parking is limited so we’ll email the registrants on Friday to help recommend carpools.



A brief look back at the summer:


  • I was unable to attend the July events.  Barb hosted the Fruity social.  It was Barb’s second time hosting this year as she stepped in to save our May social.  Double thank you, Barb!  Someone left a pair of prescription glasses at Barb’s house.  If you have not yet done so, please contact Barb to claim it.


  • The August BBQ tournament & social were popular and fun.  Cynthia Hunton ran the tournament (thank you!) and opted to change things up: From playing 8 games to playing 1st to win 6 and from 6 to 9 rounds.  We liked the format but after 6 rounds got tired and decided to go eat BBQ: The “1st to win 6 games” part had already given us more tennis play than usual and worked up a mighty appetite!  The feast was delivered from Armadillo Willy’s by Ruth & Phil Waters (thank you!) and augmented with member appetizers, sides, and desserts.  Due to the fact that we didn’t actually finish the tournament (and that we forgot to buy prizes), we decided to dispense with prizes.  Everyone had a good time and nobody was (or ever is) in it for the trophy.


  • The September tournament was Mixed Scramble (also lightly attended) followed by a social at Micki Carter / Mike Venturino’s (thank you!) with a Russian theme to celebrate Micki’s new book “From Under the Russian Snow”.  Members rose to the challenge with many delicious dishes.  Yes, some of them involved beets!  I happen to love beets but beet-disliking Bob totally agrees the dishes were delicious.  RSTC Chefs are the best!  Prizes were Russian vodka!


  • Pajaro Dunes was spectacular with great weather, lots of high quality tennis, and amazing food.  Irene Muzio simplified the Friday progressive and got lots of comments that it was an excellent change.  It was less time-consuming to set up (and thus more time available for enjoying ourselves on Pajaro Dunes beaches or tennis courts) and we had more time for conversation during dinner.  Thank you to Irene and Michael Garb for a wonderful weekend.



Finally,  I am thrilled to announce that we have a 2018 RSTC Board for next year.

  • Nicola Tidwell will be president
  • Kathy Miles will be vice-president
  • Cynthia Hunton will join John Hogan as tournament directors
  • Jennifer Dickinson will join Sundar Venkateswaran as social directors
  • Irene Muzio will be treasurer


Thank you to Nicola, Kathy, Cynthia, Jennifer, Irene, and John and Sundar for keeping the club running next year.  We will begin the transition in December so that the new Board gets to set the 2018 calendar and prepare for Membership Mania 2018.


Michael Garb & Irene Muzio have volunteered to continue running the Pajaro Dunes Weekend Away. Monique Seibel has volunteered to continue doing flyers and posters for the Club.  I will continue to maintain the website.

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